Chimney Sweep

The term Chimney Sweep has been around since the first chimneys were created in the 13th century. Although the process has changed a bit, the tools used are still somewhat the same. A chimney brush is still used, along with cameras, vacuums, and other special tools. A Chimney Sweep can be conducted from the bottom of the chimney going upward, or from the roof going down depending on the structure of your chimney and fireplace. To help maintain a cleaner sweep, the cleaning is done from the bottom. Inspections can be conducted from both the top and bottom of the chimney as well.

Before a Chimney Sweep arrives, be sure to have everything removed from the general area of the fireplace. Covering your furniture is a good idea because there could be dust, soot, and debris that comes out of the chimney. Our technicians wear protective shoe covers to assure no dirt will be tracked in from outside. 

Your average chimney inspection and sweep can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. The typical timeframe between cleaning and inspections is 1 year, however you can ask your chimney professional how often they recommend you get a cleaning and inspection based on your current usage.

Remember, not every chimney sweep can also conduct a Chimney inspection and Chimney Repair. At Ingram’s Chimney Sweepers, we provide quality inspections, sweeps, and the repairs you are looking for.

Chimney Sweep

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